Saturday, February 28, 2009

Farewell to February - Spring Fever

Our weather is stubbornly clinging to winter, but it won't be long before we can have a daffodilish day. We went snowshoeing today, it's a sunshiney day, but COLD. I've been chatting with some online friends, and we've decided to say Farewell to February! Check out my friend Marsha's beautiful blog Marsha's Garden. To make it easy for you, she has listed all our blogs so you can check out the Farewell to February photos. Pour yourself a cuppa, relax and enjoy.

From my friend Kathleen's garden....beautiful hydrangeas.

Do you also have Spring (and Summer)Fever? The brighter sunshine certainly provides a great morale boost.

Tiptoe, through my tulips....

Memories of our summer vacations in Ogunquit, Maine.

And fond summer memories of swimming with my nephew John at Mom's pool.

And sitting outdoors....we love dining al fresco.

Wait, I'm also dreaming of a spring cuisine of lamb, chicken, asparagus bundles and even fiddlehead ferns. Thanks for stopping by! Debbie


  1. I can feeeeeel the warmth!! Love your post Debbie and and all of your photos. Your little collage is great. Because we had such a cold winter it seems my tulips are coming up stronger than they have the past couple of years. I hope to have some like your orange ones soon! That pool looks sooooooo inviting!!!! Great post :-)

  2. That was great! I remember those Maine pics, love them..
    And thanks for the hydrangea pic! I took a little look around today, not one little hint of Spring..we will have to be patient!
    Great post!

  3. Debbie - love your photos..the collage one especially! Now, you didn't have to show the pool one, it makes me really depressed when I look outside!! lol
    Super post!!

  4. I can feel the warmth too! What great photos you chose for spring/summer fever. What a beautiful farewell to Feb.

    PS - I want to vacation in a spot so beautiful as your Maine one!

  5. Debbie, a "daffodilish" day ... too cute.

    I can never see enough daffodils or tulips. They ARE spring around here.

    How sweet to post Kathleen's gorgeous hydrangeas.

    What a bright, sunny, cheerful post.

  6. Debbie, always a wonderful post from you... I love jumping into your Spring...and Summer too! It won't be long and Feb. will be just a memory. Looking forward to your romantic Springtime meals too!

  7. That was really great, Debbie! Definitely Spring Fever!

    Swimming and traveling! Although you do such fun things all winter and don't mind the snow, I bet you look forward to your hiking and gardening as well! I know I look forward to your posts about it all, too :)


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