Saturday, February 7, 2009

Feeling Good

It feels good to have some blog time, over a "relaxing" cuppa. As we head to the cottage for the weekend, I love thinking about the simple things we have "planned".

*build a snowman

*hit the shops

*snowshoe through the woods

*hot cocoa apres snowshoe in front of the wood stove

*thumb through a new book on entertaining

These are just the little things in my big world of love, family and friendships. I am so thankful that you stopped by!


  1. Good morning Debbie! Oh, this sounds like a perfect winter weekend! Relaxing after a busy work week. Enjoy! Cute

  2. Have a great weekend, Debbie!

    We are going to have sun and near 50, so I hope ours melts!

    Show us pics of yours!

  3. Debbie, sounds like a wonderful, relaxing, stress-free weekend.

    I'm sure you'll enjoy your weekend.

    We're supposed to get to 70° today ... possibly break a record.

  4. Enjoy the warm weather, doesn't it make a difference after the cold spell we have had? We will never forget this winter!

    Our temps will reach 42 today. Which will feel good, while we make our snowman :-)

  5. Sounds like the perfect weekend after a hectic week! You may not want to come back...
    It's supposed to be nice here also,40's!!
    Have an uncle's 80th bday party to go to..not as exciting as yours but hopefully will see some cousins from CA that I haven't seen in years!
    I feel like Maxine on some

  6. Hope you have a great weekend at the cottage. That sounds so wonderful just have a little place to escape to. Hope the sun shines everyday for you!

  7. What a wonderful weekend you have planned. Enjoy!

    We're already at 54 degrees here today - woohoo!

    I loved the cartoon ;)

  8. Love the comic, LOL!

    Enjoy your weekend! Sounds perfect! Nice to stop and sip the cuppa sometimes :)

    yes, nice here, too! definitely grilling something this weekend!

  9. I missed this post before you left but I sure hope you checked off the whole list!!


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