Wednesday, February 11, 2009

A Heart-y breakfast

A little something to show you care. All you need is a 3" heart shaped cookie cutter, some bread, butter and eggs. Serve with orange juice, and a good morning hug.

I also saw this idea in Martha Stewart Living. Here are the easy instructions:

Using a 3" heart shaped cookie cutter, remove the center and toast it.

Melt about 1 TB of butter in a small skillet, and cook bread slice until light brown.

Add another TB of butter and flip bread.

Fit cookie cutter, coated with cooking spray, in bread's cutout heart and crack an egg into the cutter.

Cover skillet and cook until egg is set. (about 2-3 minutes)

Use tongs to remove cutter.

Serve with toasted heart for dipping into yolk (I cooked my yolk longer, since I don't dip).

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  1. How cute..was this the surprise for your valentine????

    I have to get my valentine pans and cutters out today to decide what to make've given me an idea!!

  2. How cute! Did your ♥ like it???

  3. What an adorable idea, Debbie! I'm sure Joe enjoyed them both...the breakfast and the hug ;)

  4. Perfect for v-day and your anniversary! Joe's a lucky man :-)

  5. Debbie, what a romantic way to start the day.... how adorable.

  6. Oh, Debbie, I love it! I did heart shaped pancakes last year. Great idea for this year. Thanks!

  7. Egg in a basket! But heart shaped. I love it..I better your sweetheart did too.


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