Friday, March 6, 2009

Foodie Friday

Gollum, thank you so, so much for hosting yet another Foodie Friday! I've chosen a garden theme, since spring (and summer) blooms are dancing through my head. To see what else is cooking for Foodie Friday, check out Gollum's blog. Designs by Gollum

I'd rather be dining al fresco, but dining in front of the fireplace will be just as nice.

I pulled out my only "flowery" napkins. My sister embroidered them for us. Thanks Cheryl!

Has anyone attended one of the many grand flower shows? We just visited the Philadelphia flower show and enjoyed replicated vistas and lush gardens of central Italy. At the flower show, I was smitten with the replicated piazza that was stocked with Italian products from vino to Vespas and suits to Murano glass. So for dinner, I decided to use the chicken roaster that I received as a gift. Made in Italy.

I'll post more pictures from the garden show this weekend. The theme was Bella Italia.

DH collected receipts, brochures, artifacts, etc. from our trip to Philly. He uses an empty wine bottle, and starts with the front of bottle. He uses wood glue or glue-all, contact cement, whatever you have at home will work. After he glues, he puts rubber bands around the bottle in order to keep everything tight while the glue dries. When you get to the top of the bottle, it gets a bit challenging. Just cut those items at an angle to get them to fit better. It's always a surprise for me when he hides it for me to find. He's a keeper!

Here's a bottle that he made last summer. I think we have a total of eight now.

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  1. Love those bottles -- what a great collection. The chicken roaster is cute --

  2. Wonderful napkins - what a great sister!

  3. From beginning to end a beautiful post. Your tablesetting by the fire is beautiful, and those embroidered napkins were a neat personalized gift from your sis. I always admired your "original" chicken roaster that the white ones were copied from and the first peak into photos from the garden show. The icing on the cake is the romantic wine bottle memories that Joe lovingly creates for you.

  4. Debbie, love your fireplace dining...and the unique wine bottle.

  5. Debbie, good to see you back and I can't wait to hear more about the Phil. show. Great theme! Love your fireside dining, but like you, I am longing for al fresco. The bottles are just so neat!

  6. Debbie, I'm anxiously awaiting to seem more from your Philadelphia trip.

    DH does sound like a keeper!

    Lovely post, Debbie ... Beautiful table setting in front of the fireplace ... I've always admired your roaster. I wasn't aware it's from Italy.... It's beautiful.

  7. All perfectly set up! The fireplace dining is beautiful, the canfle holder to your table setting. The embroidered napkins look so professional!!
    Waiting to see all your photos from the garden show...
    How many wine bottles has Joe made up for you now????

  8. This was such a fun post! I love your fireside dinner. The wine bottle vase is a beautiful idea. I LOVE those napkins.
    I'm looking forward to hearing more about the flower show.

  9. I can't wait to hear more about your trip to the flower show, Debbie. I'm sure it was fantastic. I love your romantic table by the fire. I remember when you first mentioned the wine bottles that Joe decorates for you. Yes, he's a keeper, for certain!

  10. Yes, I will be waiting for the flower show pics...
    Lovely the napkins, you mean I could do that with my machine??
    Beau dishes...
    Where is is far away here!

  11. Lovely place to have dinner! Thanks for sharing!

  12. Great post, Debbie! Love the setting by the fireplace :) and the wine bottle!

  13. what a great fireside setting!

  14. You've been a posting fool! Somehow I missed this one. I love hearing about Joe's romantic side. Your table setting is gorgeous :-)


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