Monday, March 9, 2009

Philadelphia Garden Show - Shop till you drop

This was a fun Frenchy style booth. I loved the bright colors of the dishes, but didn't need to lug them home so I bought some cocktail napkins.

Look at these cheerful dishes. I think I need service for eight!

Look at these charming white plant containers. I will see if they ship!

These are my favorite Cerignola olives, in the whole wide world! Seriously, they are delicious and look at the bright colors. These could cheer anyone up!

Decided to get this plumeria root, there were four colors (yellow, pink, red, white). It is tropical, so I’ll bring it outdoors for the summer. The scent is wonderful.

These Flowering Fern tubers are NEW from Holland. I can plant them outdoors in April, they are winter hardy and will bloom in sun or shade all season.

Mixed flower seeds for the cottage that I had to have. The package says that the seeds will grow anywhere weeds will grow! I’ll plant the seeds around the gazebo.


  1. Debbie - you must of had such a wonderful time! The 'Frenchie" store have dome beautiful linens and I like the plates also. The $22 price on the white container wasn't bad at all..I expected higher. The flowering ferns sound like they will be fantastic with lots of flowers and flowering between 3-6 weeks from planting!! Please follow up with photos after they start growing!!
    Great post!!

  2. Great post! I love the Frenchie dishes! Very colorful! They go nice with the colorful olives!

    yes, looking forward to seeing the flowers in the spring!

    Thanks for "taking" us along, I love the pictures! Fun posts!

  3. Great shopping Debbie..window and actual!! I love the napkins..very Provence! I was hoping the flowering fern would have a latin name. I wonder if it could be a fern leaf peony? They root looks peonyish. If so I am envious. Either way I can't wait to see what it looks like. Keep us posted. Beautiful pot..need to go back and look at the price. Barb has keen eyes lol. Those olives do look beautiful. Thanks for taking us with you!

  4. Debbie, the olives look wonderful .. I've never met an olive that I didn't like.

    The Provence-style table linens are gorgeous and the butterfly dishes are too sweet.

    I'm sure it was hard to limit what your purchases.

  5. Or maybe this I saw it referred to on another website as flowering fern. Can you tell I'm in flower mode?? lol

  6. How fun to go shopping with you. The blue/yellow of the dishes and napkins really do look french and I know you will enjoy using them.

    I looked up the wonderflowers website on the package for the flowering ferns. They are nothing I have seen before.

    I would love those olives too.

  7. Suzy, you can check it out at

    I forgot to mention that I also bought the Japanese Wonderflowers in addition to the Flowerering Ferns.

    I'll definitely post pictures during the growing season.

  8. Oh, good, your shopping post! Been wating for this. Such great pics, yes, the olives look so bright. I love the the Frenchy booth.

  9. I have never heard of a flowering fern! I can't wait to see it, Debbie. I hope you share pictures of it when it flowers. Nice job in the plant department ;) I'll be your cocktail napkins in the Frenchy pattern are beautiful.

    I love those white planters too! It would have been so hard for me not to bring one of those home.


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