Saturday, May 30, 2009

Rain then Shine

The garden seemed to enjoy three consecutive days of rain, and I snuck outdoors between raindrops yesterday to enjoy the iris in bloom. Today the the droplets were soaked up by the sun. Each day there is new color in the garden. Look for my daily posting of blooms.

This is "Meadow Song"


  1. Debbie - You are getting such pretty iris' this year..
    Mine are still waiting - don't know if I will get any blooms or not!

  2. Pretty one, Debbie! Some of mine are coming up nicely!

  3. Love seeing your iris, Debbie ... beautiful picture with the raindrops.

  4. Morning song is gorgeous! I love flowers with raindrops in photos!

    We need rain here very badly - just a few sprinkles here and there is all we have gotten all spring.

  5. You've got some beautiful iris Debbie. I'm enjoying those you've shared with us. I wish the lasted longer!


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