Monday, June 15, 2009

oh so sweet things

Perhaps when I retire, the nice folks at Mackenzie Childs will hire me to be their gardener. Being surrounded by their beautiful pottery and gardens, would lift me up every day. 

While I was at the Mackenzie Childs barn sale on Saturday, they had something for everyone. My dog Kiki might enjoy sniffing this perch :-) I know she wouldn't sit on it. But she sure would look sweet if she did.

I would love to know a young girl who sleeps in a bed like this...I would ask her if she feels like a princess.

The view from the barn sale is very inviting.

I should have bought the Courtly Check grill which is a new item this year. 

The birdies in my backyard deserve a new bird house...whatcha think? I've been admiring the birdhouses for a while, and I got a great deal.

This is Joe's purchase, he insisted I needed it. 

So, I made Chicken Marsala just to show my appreciation :-)

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  1. Joe's a keeper :) Maybe he'll take me shopping next? Love everything you got, and thanks for the tour, what a great place, maybe one of these days I can schlep Kathleen there :)

    Marsala looks delicious, Joe is smart, see he gets a fabulous dinner, you got the pan!

  2. Thank you for the lovely post showing your wonderful outing! The gardens are gorgeous and love all the unique pottery. I also enjoyed the beautiful photo of you relaxing in the pondside arbor ;) Joe is a keeper - you both won with that pot ;)

  3. Yes, Debbie, that's a great pic of you in the arbor! And thanks for the tour. Glad you got some things you will both enjoy!
    As for Carol schlepping me there, she told me about her sense of direction! We may end up in Canada, and I don't have a passport!!!

  4. Love that gazebo. You had such a wonderful day. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Three cheers for Joe. I think he needs that grill too. What an incredibly whimsical place. Its like waking up in an Alice in Wonderland book. Love the ornate iron gate and the gazebo. You look so cute sitting there. Thanks for bringing us with you. Kathleen and Carol you definitely need to schlep up there!

  6. Debbie, oh, what a nice place to spend time, even if one didn't shop. Of course, the shopping (and deals) put the day over the top. Glad you found some pretty things to brng home.

  7. Oh, you got some wonderful things and I am green with envy :) I love the rattan lined tray and we have matching colanders now!

    I wouldn't even care if I didn't cook in that wonderful covered pan that Joe bought for you - I'd just leave it on the stove and admire it ♥


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