Saturday, February 27, 2010

Flashback to 1977

(picture courtesy of the internet)

My very first car, a 1973 Gremlin. I purchased it used in 1977, with money earned from jobs I worked. I started babysitting when I was 12, and had several regular babysitting jobs, including summer jobs. And the day I turned 16, I was hired by Price Chopper grocery store as a cashier. Then, the funds really started adding up :-) I still remember what I paid for it....$1,300.

It's interesting how we have fond memories of certain vehicles that we have owned.

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  1. Wow, what a blast from the past! but oh yeah, first car!

    Mine was a Chrysler Laser. Loved it, but truly a lemon. Makes me LOL now!

  2. Can't say I can picture you in a Gremlin!
    Mine was an old Chevy Impala..

  3. What a riot - love the picture! Mine first care was a Ford Mustang ;)

  4. How fun, Debbie .. My parents bought an orange and white Gremlin for my brother's 16th birthday in 1976. They wanted him to have a practical car that wouldn't go to fast.

    My first car was purchased from a neighbor, a baby blue Oldsmobile F85 convertible with metallic blue leather seats. It went too fast for my driving skills and lack of good sense!

  5. I was in a Price Chopper when we were upstate..I don't remember what model, but my first car was a Ford, at the end of my Freshman year in college.
    Before that I had a few hand me downs from my older sisters..but the Ford was new, and a surprise..
    I can just see you tooling around in your Gremlin.:)
    Then it didn't matter what KIND of car..just that you had one!

  6. I remember those Gremlins - I can picture you in one :)

  7. Good for you buying your own first car! I should have done that then I wouldn't have had to drive my parents stinking 1974 Green Dodge Dart. Sinfully ugly. Later they bought me my own..a car with two first last names Toyota Corolla Tercel! It was a step up!


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