Monday, February 1, 2010

Groundhog Cookies

Happy Groundhog Day!

I couldn't resist making these cute little guys. ~♥~

They have all my favorite flavors: ginger, cloves, cinnamon and molasses.

(Recipe source: Click here Penzeys.)

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  1. Happy Groundhog Day to you, Debbie! I didn't know that anybody but me even cared about this special day! We have "Fred" living under our deck and we love out little family - we call them all "Fred" - we have Fred, Fred, Mrs. Fred, little Fred, another little Fred, etc. LOL - we are nuts but we like to watch them - but our guys usually are still sleeping on February 2!

  2. Sooooooo cute Debbie! I'm sure they will be a hit with whoever gets to sample.

  3. Happy Groundhog Day! One of my favorite movies :) Your cookies are so cute!

  4. They look tasty! Glad you didn't leave the fur on..:)

  5. Debbie .. what cuties and I bet they are tasty. We have a family in the ravine down the street from our house. They're very slow moving unless a car stops to visit with them. ;)

  6. What cute little groundhog cookies. I am sure everyone you shared them with thought so as well and if the recipe came from Penzey's then we know they taste good too :)

  7. These are adorable. They popped up below today's post, and I had to see them. ;-)
    Happy Groundhog Day.


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