Monday, June 7, 2010

Woodland Garden

Just look at this oh-so very handsome moss chair created by Kyle Schuneman. So GREEN, and perfect for a woodland garden.

If you are interested in making your own moss chair, you will find Kyle's instructions by clicking here. Moss Chair

Here's our new addition to the woodland garden.  Doesn't it blend in nicely with the woods?

•Find a side chair that has a nice solid seat. You will need to wet newspaper strips as well. Once you clean the chair, cover it in moist newspaper strips.

•Once the chair is covered in newspaper you will then put a little spray adhesive down and a thin layer of chicken wire so that the moss has something to grab on to.

•Section by section, spray a bit of adhesive on the back of each piece of moss and push it onto the damp newspaper/wire. The bigger the piece the moss the better, so it doesn't look pieced together. Instead, it will feel like it has grown from the earth.

•Once the entire chair is covered in moss, make sure to water it regularly in order to keep it healthy and growing. You can use a spray bottle or a hose with a spray attachment in order to keep it damp. The newspaper acts as something for the water to soak in, keeping the moss healthy.

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  1. You did such a fine job Debbie! I love it. This coming winter I will have to rescue some moss for a project (before Randy gets out his granules ala Kathleen :-) )

  2. I never saw a chair that needs to be mowed? but I love how you see something and make it yours, what a beautiful project, very creative, it looks so pretty!

  3. I need to start shopping rummage sales to find a chair. I would love to try making something like this, Debbie. Our woods is full of moss so no problem finding plenty of that :) I love how yours turned out!

    Beautiful butterfly shot and the lake looks crystal clear. What a beautiful place.

  4. Your moss chair is just as gorgeous as the original! What a wonderful idea - thank you for showing us.

  5. What beautiful shots! Your woodland garden is just lovely!

  6. Super job on your chair - wonder how often it will need to be trimmed!! LOL
    Beau butterfly photo...


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