Friday, June 24, 2011

No Ordinary Barn Sale

Each year, we wait for the announcement of the Barn Sale. I'm referring to the Mackenzie Childs barn sale in Aurora, NY. Mr. Mountain Breaths is just as enthusiastic as I am about the event. It's something we both enjoy, and over the years we have become collectors. This year, the Barn Sale is being held 7/15 - 7/17/11.

I have my eye on these serving stands - two sizes to hold serving bowls, plates, utensils, napkins, flowers or whatever you like. Very fun and functional.

This is the pattern we collect. Courtley Check Enamel. The raspberry sorbet looks very pretty in the bowl.

If black and white isn't your thing, you might be interested in knowing that Parchment Check will be available in the fall/winter collection.

Mrs. Powers Garden Gate - look at those sweet blooming flowers and the little birdies and bells. What a great way to wecome visitors.

I've held off buying any of the Flower Market Enamelware, but it sure does look pretty with the Courtley Check.

These fish chairs would be most welcome at our camp at the lake. Maybe if I win the lottery.

So if you see me on the highway, with my purchases piled high in my truck, you'll know I just had a fun day at THE Barn Sale.

Wait there's more....if you can't attend the Barn Sale, and would like a personal shopper, I've included a link
for a Shopping Service. Not kidding!

It's always nice when you stop by. I know that some of you prefer not to leave comments, but I appreciate you mentioning my blog when we get together, message on Facebook and chat on the phone. And to my dear husband who is a big supporter of my blog.
Love you all!



  1. I look forward to the sale and I don't even get to go, LOL! Can't wait to see your haul this year!

  2. It will be interesting to see your 'haul' this year - just received the new catalog in the mail a few days ago!! Happy hunting...

  3. How tempting...can't wait to see what you what interesting items you will find this year, Debbie!

  4. I wanna go, I wanna go! I can feel the excitement just as much as you :)

  5. This is the year for the bird house!!

  6. I want to come with! I look forward to seeing what you show us each year after your trip there and I am sure this year's trip will be as great as ever.

    I drove by the MC in NYC in May and would have loved to stop but we just didn't have time to do all we wanted to.

  7. Oh, I should book a ticket! I love the Courtly Check, what a fabulous table, now wouldn't that be fun for tablescaping on! Enjoy, enjoy enjoy and know that I am very very jealous!

  8. So what did you buy? I love the "we" collect! I don't think Mike would want to be included in my dish collecting! :)


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