Wednesday, August 17, 2011

S'More Love!

At the lake, we have a campfire every evening.
We bring out the jars filled with graham crackers, chocolate bars and JUMBO marshmallows.

We gather around the campfire. I think the largest group we ever had around the campfire was 32!

Being at the lake is not complete without a campfire and S'MORES!

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  1. Really cute way of displaying these ingredients! So many times they end up stale or dried out because they weren't wrapped up properly...cute labels, too

  2. Great idea, just wish it was cool enough for a outside get together.
    It is still 99 here in North Texas.

    Cathy's Calamity Cupboard

  3. Smore's are a favorite at my house. We make them in the microwave all the time. It's best to eat them by a campfire with friends though.

  4. Perfect ending to a perfect day....

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  6. I haven't had s'mores this summer, yet...cute way to showcase the ingredients!

  7. I just bought marshmallows, chocolate bars and graham crackers today since it's starting to get cool enough at night to have a fire to make s'mores. I remember those jars and labels - so cute!

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