Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Autumn is Throwing Her Party and The Cutest Owl Smores Ever

Over the weekend, I snapped some pictures of the fall foliage near our camp. Autumn is throwing her party, and it's the party that I look forward to every year. The fall foliage season means big business for New York; it’s one of our state’s most popular travel seasons.


Today it was almost 80 degrees, but Fall treats are on my mind. This is a repost from last year, but I want to give you plenty of time to get your supplies so you can make the cutest owl smores ever, ever, ever!


graham crackers


chocolate chips
yellow candy melts
candy corn

Thank you for stopping by!! 


  1. Great pics...watching the weather this weekend, Sunday looks good. Yep I'll be off out with the camera, because one day of big winds and it can be gone in a flash.

  2. Love the pictures of the leaves. SO pretty.

    And my little goddaughter was looking over my shoulder, and she adored your owls. Thanks for sharing.



  3. We are taking the train ride from Utica to Old Forge on Saturday - hoping the sun is shining on the beautiful foliage! Love your owls!

  4. The first foliage picture is just gorgeous...I really miss this time of year back east where the leaves are such vibrant colors.
    Those owls are adorable!

  5. These are too cute, Debbie!
    I guess I do not know what a yellow candy melt is!?
    Will have to look into that ingredient! :)

    Your fall color photos are breath-taking. We are just getting started here in Illinois. Wish I could look at our colors in a lake's reflections like you do!


  6. WOW.....GORGEOUS photos, Debbie!!! thank you for making the Adirondacks proud.....

  7. Oh, thank you for providing those of us in Still Triple-Digit Texas a glimpse of some gorgeous fall color! Fabulous photography! And the owl s'mores are adorable.

  8. Debbie -- what glorious colors -- I miss the trees here in Nebraska!

    Those little owls are wonderful - a fun project to do with little ones :)


  9. What a magnificent show...isn't nature a wonderful thing.
    Your photos are spectacular.

    We're just heading into spring here in Melbourne so it'll be some time before I see the autumn colours; we're green, green, and more green at the moment.
    Who knew that there were so many different greens?

    Cute owls too... :-)

  10. Your fall color is about a month ahead of ours & glorious! I adore your owl s'mores :)

  11. The colors are marvelous. Looks the same here as it did in July, feels the same too!
    Smores are so cute. I read on another blog there has been a run on yellow melts, from the smores and the candy corn cookies Who knew! :)

  12. These are just the cutest little things. Though my kids are all in college they will still love these.

  13. ok when I first scrolled down I think I was thinking like Barb would and didn't see owl at first, LOL! But I do and they are really cute s'mores :)
    Gorgeous foliage. Hard to think Fall when it's 80's!

  14. What glorious color you have at camp!!

    I remember those s'mores :) Adorable.


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