Sunday, June 3, 2012


 My dear friend Paula is celebrating her birthday in Lake Placid, and I knew I wanted to make her a gift that is full of life just like she is!

 I  found the instructions for these wonderful, eco-friendly cement planters on a blog, and could not wait to make a few for gifts.  

Click here for the instructions:

I used Cement and Vermiculite.
The planters are very light due to the Vermiculite.
The ratio is one to four. One part cement and 4 parts Vermiculite.
I used 4 cups cement and 16 cups Vermiculite to make the three medium size planters shown above, and two small planters below.

Wrapped up pretty, and delivered to PAULA!!

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  1. Great job, Debbie! Wow, hand made cement planters! And you did a beautiful job wrapping it all up. Happy Birthday to Paula. xo

  2. I've seen similar planters, but have never tried to make my own. Looks like a fun craft though, not to mention useful for those of us who like to garden. Thanks for sharing the instructions to make them.

  3. Very clever! These planters look great.

  4. Those planters are great...light sounds good at my age, too!

  5. Wow Debbie, I'm so impressed. I love your planters.

  6. What a good friend you are, Debbie, to make those beautiful planters and to fill them with the succulents. I know your friend will certainly enjoy them and appreciate your thoughtfulness.

  7. Your planters are wonderful. I love succulents too!

  8. Hi Debbie!

    I have wanted to make these for a few years now. This recipe looks pretty easy and I like that you can make the pots whatever size and shape you want.

    xoxo Bunny Jean

  9. Wonderful planters! What a great idea. Your friend will be so happy. Thanks for sharing.

  10. I know I commented before, but just wanted to stop by again to say thanks for linking these up to Your Cozy Home Party!

  11. What a beautiful idea for a gift Debbie. I love it.

  12. Lowes sends out of DIY magazine a few times a few and planters like these were in the latest one and I saved it to try. I love how yours turned out! Great job. I can't wait to try them myself some time.

  13. Love those! My first thought was too heavy but then I saw the vermiculite. What a great idea. Terrific gift!

  14. Hi Debbie,
    What a nice gift, lucky Paula!
    Thanks for stopping by! You gotta make your boxer a hat, the girls didn't keep their hats on long but I love the pics:-) Happy Doggie B-day to your girl :-)

  15. I could give you a big hug right now! I love this idea:) You have a great blog you won't even believe how I found you...snooping sometimes it pays off. Have a great day.


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