Tuesday, September 18, 2012


I know it's almost fall y'all, so I'm showing my last summer post. Our friends had a Lobster Palooza over Labor Day weekend, and bought 50 lobsters for $5.00 each. Fresh from Maine! Our grocery store will prepare a lobster dinner that includes corn and clams in a matter of minutes, so I placed an order and we had a Lobster Palooza for two.  All I had to do was melt some butter and set the table. 

Lobster Palooza was a big hit! My friend owns a camp, and it was their first annual. Next year, they are ordering 100 lobsters.

Our table for two. I grabbed everything I had in my inventory that was related to the ocean ;o)

 For our Lobster Palooza for two, I made lobster sugar cookies. I bought the cookie cutters in Vermont at least two years ago, and they were begging to be used.

A bowl from the Lobster Shack to serve the melted butter.

Is this not the cutest vintage sauce pan? I got it for a buck and used it for melting butter.

Thank you for stopping by! I promise to share my Glamping Weekend with you soon. 


  1. Now that's some lobster party! Looks fantastic whether for 50 or for two. I'll take mine with a side of Benadryl :)

  2. Debbie, I do love lobster! Sounds like a really good time. That pot is adorable and just a buck? Great! xo

  3. We don't get lobsters like that in the west. I love the vibrancy of this table. The reds really stand out, and you might know I am a huge fan of red! Love the M-C table as usual, and the little red crabs are cute. One of my girls has one just like it. Joni

  4. Now that is just the cutest table! And that lobster feast is amazing and the price, wow, wish I knew how to get lobsters that cheap!!

  5. Only YOU would have lobster cookie cutters, Debbie--LOVE it! My husband just returned from Maine (his family is from Portland), and he made me so jealous, as they had their own Lobster Palooza fete out on Cliff's Island. Sigh.

  6. Oh, a lobster feast! What a fun table, Debbie. Love all the darling details of the table.

  7. What a fun table, Debbie! We love lobster and have always wished to go to Maine and eat it three times a day. Your lobster sugar cookies are the perfect ending. I'm in love with your vintage saucepan.

  8. I wish I could find those lobster prices here! Our friends didn't have their Lobster Boil this year because of their son's Colorado wedding. I miss my lobster!!!

    Love those cookie cutters :)

  9. What a colorful and fun table to mark the end of summer. Love the lobster theme! The cookies look cute and I bet they were delicious. Be sure to check out my blog on Monday for some important news. Shannon

  10. What a fun table, love it! Cool cookies, too.


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