Saturday, February 9, 2013


I brought out the reds and pinks for the holiday we love.  I did an easy mantel with Joe's help. (His idea, not mine) He has a great eye for making sure everything is "lined up". He guided me to make sure the "L" and "E" alphabet mugs from Anthropologie were in alignment with the frame of the mirror.  The red fabric hearts are empty boxes of Valentine's candy from past years.

We are having a small gathering tonight since we have plans to eat dinner out on our anniversary on Valentine's day. I found heart placemats at CTS two years ago on clearance, and the centerpiece was made using Rose petals freshly plucked from the store shelf .

I used layers of Vietri Italian dinnerware that make both of our hearts go pitter patter. The dinnerware is called "Incanto", and we chose this because the textures play well together. We have five different patterns that we mix and match, and like the casual yet elegant look.

This pattern is called "Lace". The footed bowls are called "Stripe".

This pattern is called "Emblem".

This pattern is called "Flower".

I am loving the Luminara faux flame votive candles, especially because they came with a charger and don't require batteries. They look so real!

You may recall when I posted about Joe being referred to as the "Vietri Man" at the local gift shop where he buys gifts. I am going to print pictures of our Valentine/Anniversary table so he can take them to the shop. 

With Valentine's day fast approaching, here's a cute origami idea for your kids, hubby, friend, etc. Click here to read more. How About Orange

I'm joining Seasonal Sundays with the Tablescaper,  Bargain Hunting Laurie's annual Valentine's party  and  Cuisine Kathleen for Let's Dish.

 Happy Valentine's day....♥.. ♥... ♥....


  1. Your table looks lovely and so elegant!

  2. Hi Debbie, Oh, I am in love with your white dishes . . . they are outstanding.
    You set a very romantic and elegant table :)
    The mantel with the LOVE cups and red accents . . . superb:)
    You rock!
    Your blogging sister, Connie :)

  3. So pretty! I love your mantel. Happy Valentine's Day :)
    xo, Andrea

  4. This is a very nice table! I LOVE those Plates!!! I hope you and your guests had a great time!

  5. Beautiful table, Debbie, your dishes are gorgeous. Love the mugs on the candle sticks, so cool! xo

  6. Oh Debbie, I am in love with your place mats and pale pink napkins -- sooo pretty!! I also love all the Vietri dish patterns; they do coordinate well together. Your pink rosebuds look so sweet in the centerpiece, and I love your little birdie tea mugs with lids. :) This is such a romantic table!

    Visiting from Seasonal Sunday -- have a great week! Happy Anniversary!


  7. What a special guy your Joe is, Debbie! The Vietri Man has such excellent taste! I love the mix and match of the pattern and would have a hard time deciding which is my favorite. Therefore, what a great idea that you don't have to!!! Your setting is so romantic and dreamy and what an adorable mantle. I remember the mugs from last year, but love how you and Joe fixed them perfectly up there. Your sweet birdie mugs will be fun to drink some favorite tea (or cuppa Joe for your honey). xo

  8. What a beautiful table...from the placemats to the gorgeous china to the silver...
    Love the mug sets, too.

  9. Love the white dishes and all of their textures! The mantel is so cute - tell Joe that we all want him to come and help decorate ours - lol!! Hope you two have a fabulous Valentine's Day and Anniversary!

    1. Joe is the kind of guy that would be more than happy to help you decorate your mantel. He might be one of a kind :-)

  10. The mantel is great, the black and white check plate really pops and looks perfect. The table is so romantic with your white dishes. Thanks for sharing.

  11. Beautiful mantel and table setting too, Debbie.

  12. Love the white on white! Such beautiful plates.

    Wonderful to have you at Seasonal Sundays.

    - The Tablescaper

  13. So romantic and so pretty! Love your Vietri plates, Debbie. The mantel is also beautiful and your hubby did such a great job aligning evrything.....Chistine

  14. Happy Anniversay on the 14th...we share it with you! We'll be married 26 years this coming Thursday.
    I loved that your sweet hubby helped you with your mantle. He has a good eye.

    Your Vietri plates are GORGEOUS! Love all the different textures & patterns that play so well together. Beautiful!

  15. I know the people at the gift shop will get a HUGE kick out of a photo!!! They will know for sure that the gifts Vietri Man picks out are being utilized in the best possible way!!! I love the way all of the patterns in the Incanto line mix and match so well! You can have infinite fabulous looks! You both did a wonderful job on the mantel decor, and your table is very pretty for Valentines everywhere! LOVE the votives run by a charger rather than batteries!!!!!! SO much less expensive to operate, and less of a headache, too, I would imagine! Have a happy anniversary celebration!

  16. Wow,wow,wow..These dishes are some of the prettiest I have seen. I wish I had more space in my home as I would love to have a set/mixed like next life for sure..Happy Valentine's Day and Happy Anniversary too. Love is in the air..

  17. Debbie, I love your collection of Vietri. All gorgeous patterns and I love the way you've mixed them. Such a classic and romantic look. The Vietri man will want you to come style tables in his store after he sees your pictures. Your mantel looks beautiful too. Great use of the monogramed mugs, and I really like the way you've elevated them on candlesticks. I'm so glad you linked this beautiful post to the Valentine party. If I don't get back before Thursday, Happy Anniversary and Valentine's Day. laurie

  18. Debbie, I'm a fan of the Vietri dishes. I love the way they mix and match. You have a wonderful selection of patterns. I recently discovered the Luminara candles. They are so realistic looking. Had to smile at the mantel. Your idea of using the Antro alphabet mugs to spell out LOVE is clever. They look terrific with the CC pieces and heart plates.
    Happy Anniversary and Happy Valentine's Day to you and your sweetheart. Enjoy your dinners. ~ Sarah
    Love the new header. How did you make it?

  19. So happy you stopped by my blog & left a comment! Your tablescape is beautiful. Love the all white look!


  20. Great table - love that your Vietri Man helps! :D

  21. How beautiful! Your Italian dinnerware is exquisite! I love everything about Italy! Happy Anniversary! Enjoy your week!

  22. So very pretty, Debbie.

    Happy Anniversary!

  23. Debbie~ Your Vietri dinnerware makes my heart go pitter patter too! Your mantle arrangement is so creative with your Anthro mugs~ I can't imagine my hubby interested in the mantle or Vietri :) Happy Valentine's Day!

  24. Joe is definitely one fabulous hubby--good taste in dishes and an excellent helper at home too! Happy Anniversary Debbie! Love anything from Vietri! Linda

  25. This vietri is speaking to my heart. Just love the different patterns. The placemats are wonderful too. Happy Anniversary, Happy Valentine's! xo marlis

  26. Vietri and all its wonderful patterns is irresistible for me. Joe gets kudos for the mantel...very cute!


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