Friday, February 1, 2013

Transformed Laundry Room

It's Friday, and I don't have a blog post ready. But I do want to show you this transformed laundry room in Norway (the website is in Norwegian). Google Translate is my friend! The owners kept the original cement floor and painted it with a black and white checked design. I like the linen closet, and the recycled doors. I would love a laundry room similar to this since I do have the cement floor already. LOL

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  1. Debbie, That laundry room would certainly make the task easier! I love her pops of powder blue, especially that ironing board. Mine is extremely utilitarian. She also has great counter space, which I think is often overlooked as a necessary feature. The floor really does make the space! I hope you get the laundry room of your dreams! Linda

  2. What an inspirational laundry room. If you already have a cement floor, I think you need to paint it, Debbie! Oh, unless it's a basement floor...too much work!

  3. All I have is what basically amounts to a stupid laundry CLOSET...on the main floor of the house!!! Why would a builder do that?!??!?!! It makes no sense!!! I would love to have something cool like this on the upstairs bedroom level of the house where it makes sense to have a laundry room since that's where the closets of clothes are!!!!!!!!!! OK.....breathe, Alycia...breathe. This is great. I hope you're able to do something similar at your house! :-)

  4. Debbie, I love that laundry room! :D I really wish I had a sink like that one in mine, but there's no room.


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