Saturday, April 27, 2013

For My Friends in the Sky

As I was looking through the May issue of Martha Stewart Living, I found a "Good Thing" for the birdies.

Shredded paper, cotton balls, scraps of ribbon and yarn, mixed with dried grasses, dead leaves, twigs and pine needles are inserted into a small tray or crate to be left out under a tree.

Imagine the thrill when I see a bright strand of ribbon carefully woven into a bird’s nest. A wonderful way to recycle leftover pieces of ribbon and material for our friends in the sky.

House Finch

I love this nest built by a House Finch. Photo by Sharon Beals.
Last weekend, I observed a House Finch in my yard, and she was using pieces of plastic to build her nest. She built her nest in two days.

Out my kitchen window, I have a wren house. The wrens haven't arrived yet, but here is a photo from last year. They are so adorable.

If you'd like to read more about nest material, the Cornell Lab of Ornithology gives yarn scraps a thumbs up.

I hope you are having a wonderful weekend!



  1. Great idea...last year Howard found a nest that had fallen from a tree by the rec center during a bad storm. It was constructed mostly of that white polyester filling, like in a jacket. It now sits on the armoire in my bedroom.

  2. Oh what a great idea, Debbie! I can't wait to hear what you see from what you've left out there. The pic of the wren is so cute. We get house finches (at least that's what I think they are!) everyday. They're one of my favorites. Happy Sunday to you. xo

  3. Great idea, and our feathered friends thank you! xo

  4. This reminds how much I like birds in my garden and I tend to take
    them for granted. I have to start reading Martha Stewart Living again.
    By the way she is 71. Can you believe that?!

  5. What a wonderful idea, Debbie! From now on I'm going to keep the little scraps of yarn and ribbon just for the birds :)

  6. What a darling idea! The squirrels have made a mess of our outdoor cushions once again, using the stuffing for their nests. ;-(
    I'd much rather look up and see pretty bits of ribbon than white stuffing.


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