Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Mother's Day

This is my wonderful momma! We are taking mom to our family camp for Mother's Day this year, and Joe is treating us to a dinner he is preparing. Mom has already requested his Stromboli appetizer. I'm sure some of the family members will be fishing and kayaking if the weather is nice. 

I recently found this vintage checkerboard cake pan set at the church rummage sale, and had to try it out. I followed the recipe that came with the set, and it worked very well. 

I froze most of the cake, and we will enjoy it on Mother's Day. 

I put together a few collages from photos I took at our previous Mother's
Day celebrations. I used the initial mugs to spell L O V E for last year's celebration.

My husband and sons are generous with gifts. I love the succulent turtle they got me two years ago. The Mackenzie-Childs vase was my gift last year.

I have been admiring the dogwood blooms outside the window. 

The azaleas and pink hyacinths were gorgeous this year. I took these photos last weekend.

Wishing you a beautiful Mother's Day.

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  1. Your sweet Momma is beautiful. I can see where you got your good looks, Debbie! Your cake looks wonderul and so Courtly Checkered!! I'll bet Joe's stromboli will be awesome. Have fun at your camp and Happy Mother's Day! xo

  2. Debbie, how special to be making plans for your dear Mom! Enjoy your visit ( and the cake)!


  3. Your cake turned out great Debbie! I've only tried the three layers once and think it's time to bring the pans out again. Wising you a wonderful Mother's Day-Have fun:@)

  4. Have a great time, Debbie. Enjoy! xo

  5. The succulent turtle is so cute!!! I'm so impressed that you've been able to keep it alive. I don't have such a green thumb anymore. Plants quake at the very sight of me! :-)

    I hope your Mom has a grand time with the family and that all the Moms in your family enjoy their special day on Sunday! Have fun!

  6. Debbie, you know this makes me smile. I love the checker board cake. Thanks for the recap of your previous Mother's Day celebrations. Your mom is adorable. How nice that you will be with her this weekend enjoying the great outdoors and a delicious meal prepared by your thoughtful husband. '-) Happy Mother's Day!

  7. Gorgeous mosaics Debbie! Love your checkerboard cake paired next to your MKC vase! Wishing you & your mom Happy Mother's Day!

  8. Hi Debbie, Your plans for Mother's Day sound wonderful. You definitely look like your Mom! All your previous celebrations have such delightful decor, especially those LOVE mugs filled with plants. My azaleas did not bloom well this year. They seem to have been eaten by deer. But I am looking forward to the lilac soon! That cake looks yummy too. I've seen those pans and have been tempted to try one, but I always thought they must be so hard to do. Yours looks like it worked perfectly! I hope you have recovered from your concussion. Have a wonderful weekend with your Mom and happy Mother's Day to you too! Linda

  9. I remember those cakes, never made one,but I was always intrigued. Yours looks amazing. Your plans for mother's day sounds like such fun. Have a happy one. Hugs, Marty

  10. I've been tempted to buy one of those checkerboard pans as I know they still sell them. I love how your cake turned out.

    Have a wonderful Mother's Day at camp with your mother and family, Debbie! I wonder what you'll get this year :)

  11. Sounds like you'll be having lots of fun celebrating Mother's day. Happy Mother's Day to you and your mom. I love your presents!...Christine

  12. Well, it does sound like y'all have some great things planned for the weekend! How much fun! I hope the weather is nice for you. I have always wanted to make a checkerboard cake. Yours looks divine! :D

    Lovely mosaics from past celebrations. :D

    Ricki Jill

  13. Happy Mother's Day, Debbie and to your mom too.
    Your cake looks wonderful!

  14. Oh, the white flatware was from Horchow, sale, free shipping and % back from mrrebates.com

  15. Debbie, I hope all of you had a great weekend. That cake is so pretty. How fun to find a vintage set, and doesn't the checked cake look pretty with your MC vase! I love that turtle too! laurie

  16. Debbie, I hope all of you had a great weekend. That cake is so pretty. How fun to find a vintage set, and doesn't the checked cake look pretty with your MC vase! laurie

  17. Debbie..I have that same cake mold:) in the same box:)


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