Monday, September 2, 2013

Spigot-Handle Tool Rack

Fantastic way to re-use old faucet handles! Create a cute way to hang stuff on your porch, near the garden, or in your shed. My garden gear was lacking organization so when I spotted a super cute tool rack in This Old House magazine, I went on a mission to find old spigot handles.  My co-workers looked in their basements to see if they had any laying around. I  found one in my basement sitting on top of our hot water heater! I wanted different shaped handles instead of the basic ones you find in the hardware stores.

Next, I gathered the supplies needed to make the tool rack. 

~Assorted spigot handles (I collected them from old basements)

~Paint for the handles

~1/4" galvanized lag screws threaded with a corresponding nylon spacer - this is used to mount the handles so you can hang the garden tools

~Clear Poly to seal the wood

~Barn board or old wood molding (I used barn board)

~Drill with bits

1.  Seal the Wood - I sprayed the surface with clear polyurethane in a satin sheen. The finish will weatherize the wood so that it'll hold up outdoors.

2.  Measure for the Spigot-Handle Hooks - Make a pencil mark on the wood where you want each handle to go, keeping in mind that the handles should be evenly spaced. I used a total of five.

3. Mount the Handles on the Screw Posts - Insert lag screws through the handles' center holes, and twist on the nylon spacers. If a hole is too small, clamp the handle to your work table, put a ¼-inch bit in the chuck of a drill/driver, and widen it.

4.  Drill Pilot Holes for the Handle Posts - Fit your drill/driver with a bit that's slightly smaller than the screw's shank, steady it on the marks on the wood trim, and bore holes for the lag screws.

5.  Secure the Posts - Hand-twist the lag screws into the holes, and tighten each one with a socket wrench.

I used hanging hardware and hung the rack on my fence. It will be stored away at the end of the season.

So glad you stopped by for a visit!  I am joining Inspire Me Tuesday at A Stroll Through Life.


  1. Debbie..this is so cute..I love accoutrements that make a garden unique.
    How lucky you were to get all the spigots.Real Cute!

  2. Very cute! I love the happy colors you painted them! Happy Labor Day:@)

  3. This is too adorable, I need to make this to hang the pesky things that are always just laying in the dirt driving me crazy! I love it!

  4. Now I could use one of those, Debbie! I have my garden trowel actually stuck in the dirt. It sure would be prettier hung on a darling rack like that. I love the happy colors that you chose. Thanks for the clever idea, sweet friend! xo

  5. Debbie, this is so clever, cute and useful! I love the fact that you put it together yourself, you did a GREAT job -- what a fun project.

    Hope you had a very nice holiday! xo

  6. That's pretty neat, Debbie. So functional too!..>Christien

  7. Debbie this is absolutely adorable. I just love the colors you used. What a fun focal point! You are so creative.

  8. Debbie, You have many talents! I just love this! The colors are fabulous. My garden tools are in a plastic bin on metal shelves in the garage. Not anything I can post about! If they get rinsed before they get put away I'm happy, but now I'll be thinking about sprucing up the place a little! Thanks for the inspiration. Linda

  9. Debbie, it's just as cute as can be. A great concept too. I hope you build your centerpiece will love it! xo Linda

  10. Cute, cute, cute. I love this idea, so useful and just adorable. Thanks so much for linking to Inspire ME. Hugs, Marty

  11. Such a cute idea! Who knew that tool storage could be so darling!!

  12. So darn fun! I would have never thunk of such a cute idea. I love our color choices. Joni


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