Thursday, October 17, 2013


If you're looking for something easy to make this fall or even for Thanksgiving, these tasty acorns are made with three simple ingredients. 

  • A bag of Hershey Kisses (I used milk chocolate)
  • Nutter Butter Bites (I took them apart but you can use the whole cookie)
  • Pretzel sticks (break into pieces for the stems)

  • I set up an assembly line on my counter that consisted of the following:

    1)  Unwrapped chocolate kisses
    2)  Nutter Butter bites
    3)  A small bowl of melted chocolate (I melted 3 kisses)
    4)  A small bowl of pretzel pieces


    Melt a few of the chocolate Kisses in a small bowl in the microwave (about one minute). That's your glue. Dip the flat side of the kiss into the melted chocolate (sparingly) and attach it to the Nutter Butter cookie. Once you have completed all of them, it is time to attach the stem. Dip your pretzel piece into the chocolate (glue), and place the pretzel piece on the top center of the Nutter Butter.  Let them sit on the counter while the chocolate hardens.  

    That's it! Enjoy.

    I'm joining Rattlebridge Farm for Foodie Friday.



    1. These look so cute and yummy to eat. I made ones with Tootsie Rolls and Caramels last year, but these look quicker and more delicious. Joni

    2. so cute. I pinned this one!
      Love, Mona

    3. Yours came out so cute Debbie ~ the Nutter Butters do add a unique touch! ((hugs)) ~m.

    4. these are so cute!! I can't wait to read the scone recipe too!

    5. Aren't these darling?! I would love to try these with the grandchildren for a fun, Fall, easy treat. xo

    6. Good Morning Debbie,
      Leave it to you to come up with something this creative, cute and delicious :)
      If my daughter and granddaughters make it home for Thanksgiving, this would be a great and fun thing to make together :) Thanks . . . you have the best ideas :)
      Have a wonderful weekend,
      Your blogging sister, Connie :)

    7. I love this idea! Using the Nutter Butter Bites is a very clever idea. I know my grandkids will love making them.

    8. I love yours...the Nutter Butters are a nice touch!

    9. Yum, Debbie, they are so cute and they chocolate and peanut butter ~~ one of my favorite combos! Linda


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