Saturday, February 22, 2014

Key West and Bougainvillea

In February, we try to get away to a warmer climate while Joe is on school break. Our mode of transportation while in Key West is walking, and the Bougainvillea was showing up everywhere with great bursts of color.

The flower is small and white. The colorful leaves feel like paper if you rub one between your fingers.

The branches are long and woody, and they can grow up to 40 feet high. I've seen them at the nurseries here in New York, but they are small due to our short growing season.

I'm still going through the many photos that we took in Key West, so feel free to stop by later in the week for my next post. 

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  1. Glad you two enjoyed your getaway. One of these days we are going to vacation on Key West. What a lovely thought! I look forward to more photos. Welcome home!

  2. I love Florida's Bougainvillea..mandevillas..Plumbagos..such a breath of summer!

    Glad you got away..

  3. Welcome home from your anniversary getaway! The blooming bougainvillea is just so vibrant. I can't wait to see more of your vacation pictures. xo

  4. Just to THINK about how cool it would be to have this kind of floral growing around my house year round makes me giddy!!! So pretty! I'm sure Key West will remain as one of your top favorites of all time for visiting!!!

  5. Love Love Love Key West! We rented a house for spring break once and had so much fun walking everywhere, so many great restaurants and eye candy!

  6. I have never been there, but it certainly is a place I want to go some day! The flowers are so enchanting. So glad you can get away!

  7. I isn't it great to see color in the dead of winter?


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