Monday, May 26, 2014

A Little Fun....Mackenzie-Childs Style

I played a bit in the garden today since the weather was just perfect! On Friday we headed to our camp, and prepared for Joe's lawn sale on Saturday ;o) Many of the camps for miles and miles participated, so Joe figured he would clean out the basement. We sold everything and it was quite a social event. 

On Sunday, we had a BBQ and celebrated my niece Chelsea's 21st birthday. Oh to be that young again. 

Back to Mackenzie Froggy. I used modge podge and some Mackenzie-Childs tissue paper. Then a coat of varnish. He is about 15 years old and was getting kind of rusty. 

We made some bird houses and modge podged them also. Joe made the trellis, and I put the protective finish on it. 

I know quite a few of you have white wicker furniture, so here are my freebies. A teacher that works with Joe offered it. We enjoyed it this weekend but our canvas awning won't completely protect it from the elements. I made new cushion covers, and we'll use it this summer. I don't want to ruin it, and will probably re-home it in August.

Hope my American friends enjoyed a safe Memorial Day weekend, and found a way to pay respects to our veterans - living and dead - who made the fun possible. 


  1. Beautiful MC themed garden decor, how creative to do it mod podge.

  2. Your update M-C frog turned out so cute, my friend, as did the birdhouses on Joe's handmade trellis. It sound like the garage sale was a winner. It sounds like you had a wonderful Memorial Day weekend. xo
    p.s. Everyone LOVED The beans and the bars!!

  3. Cute frog! It sounds like you had a great weekend:@)

  4. Cute frog - If you wicker gets all beat up, they look great in the garden with a pot of flowers, and the more weathered, the better!

  5. So very cute and fun. Looks like a wonderful weekend with fun acitivities. xo

  6. Debbie, the CC frog and bird houses are fun. What a cute idea!
    Hope you had a fun long weekend. Raining here, and we are loving it!

  7. I just adore bird houses, yours are so cute, love the frog.

  8. Love your frog and the bird houses.
    Debbie, the wicker looks lovely and inviting on your porch. Just remember though real wicker is "wood" and it really won't hold up if it keeps getting wet. I know many put it outside, but it really is indoor furniture.


  9. How very clever and craft of you I especially love the froggy. Joni

  10. Love Froggy and bird houses, Debbie! What a great idea. Nice freebies and congrats on selling everything at the yard sale.


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