Friday, June 20, 2014

Long May She Wave and Playing with Waterlogue

We've started celebrating with red, white and blue. My table is set with Long May She Wave, a graphic history of the American Flag and an American Flag Collection shared by Kit Hinrichs. Once a year, I bring out this book and look at every page.

We love Old Glory,  and this excellent coffee table book with flag-related memorabilia.  While I was setting up this patriotic display on the table, our son Nick popped in for a visit and admired it.  I was surprised he even noticed ;-)

"The American flag is but a piece of cloth decorated with stars and stripes, yet people have loved it, hated it, sworn allegiance to it, fought for it, and died for it".

Patriotic cupcake idea via Pinterest

I played with the Waterlogue App in my garden one evening. 

I tucked in a few flags here and there.

 The flag pillows are my Pottery Barn knock offs that I made last year.

We have our dinner outdoors each night that it doesn't rain. My mom joins us every Tuesday and we will still be talking about these wonderful evenings in the winter :-)

When I took this photo of my hanging geranium, I discovered that a sweet Junco built a nest in it and there are eggs. It's tricky watering the plant now, but we look forward to having young ones in the backyard.

Thanks for stopping by! Summer is almost here! I hope you all have plans.


  1. I love your patriotic book and all your waterlogue pictures, Debbie. How nice to enjoy your dinner outdoors all summer. I know your Mom must look forward to every Tuesday when you cook up something good and visit with her. Enjoy your summer, my friend, in your lovely outdoor setting. xo

  2. Happy Summer, Debbie! Everything looks so patriotic and lovely! That's an expensive cupcake topper, :). Have you finished scrubbing and painting your wicker? I ran out of paint, again! It's a lot of work to keep it looking good.
    Have a great weekend!

  3. Very pretty Debbie! I always love seeing red, white and blue, it looks like you're all set for summer-enjoy:@)

  4. I NEED that book! My husband says I a little nutso with the whole patriotism thing, but that's OK. I just happen to love this country. He does, too, but he says I go overboard with it! I like to have any and every representation of the American flag that I can muster. With the 15-20 hot flashes I have every day, a fan as depicted on the book cover would make a wonderful companion! :-)

    That waterlogue thing is pretty cool. Turns you into an instant Pablo Picasso! :-)

  5. We try to enjoy being outdoors as much as possible also and savor every opportunity. Beautiful photos and red, white and blue!!!

  6. Hi Debbie, I also love that book and have it on my coffee table right now! Your red, white and blue decor looks so inviting. No wonder the juncos chose your beautiful yard as a home for their family. Hope you get to see the babies! Linda

  7. I love your red white and blues..

    I am saving points with J to have an Ipad..and waterlogue..Love that your mom comes every Tuesday:) You need 3 mini pots and red white and blue arrangements:)


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