Sunday, July 13, 2014

A Lavender Day

Have a seat and relax in the field of lavender. Yesterday, we attended the Finger Lakes Lavender Festival in Skaneateles, NY which had been on my list for over five years. 

Of course I bought lavender. Some for culinary purposes and some to make sachets for my drawers. You can see the difference between the two varieties.

The lavender market had a nice selection, and I knew I wanted to try the honey, fudge sauce, dryer bags, sachets and lavender oil. Joe will probably want to swat me for telling you, but he is in the tub soaking in lavender Epsom salts that I mixed with baking soda. It's good for drawing out toxins, lowers stress related hormones and balances pH levels. I'm next :-) 

The Drying Barn

I gave my mom the pretty yellow flower, and ate the lavender cookie all by myself.

What a charming sign. It motivated Mr. Mountain Breaths to make a similar sign at our camp.

I wonder if she catches any butterflies :-)
  The gardens were in full bloom and I couldn't resist.
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  1. What a delightful festival!!! And I love all the tips about lavender which is a favorite of mine.
    Mary Alice

  2. You look so cute in Lavender!
    I love lavender farm visits!
    Everything to smile about.

  3. oh so such a beautiful post , I smell the Lavender from here!

  4. Such a pretty place to visit! I'll bet the honey is amazing-enjoy:@)

  5. What a fun and relaxing way to spend the day, Debbie! I'll bet everyone there was in a zen-like state of mind. You look like a pretty flower in the lavender fields and with the right shade of top on! I'm such a bath tub person and I know the lavender Epsom salts soak would be blissful. How thoughtful to bring your mom a delicious treat,too. While you're enjoying all your treats, you'll have wonderful memories of your day. xo

  6. What a fun day you must have had and you are as pretty as any of the flowers!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia :)

  7. Wasn't it a fun day? Love the pic of you in the fields. It was obvious that the winter really destroyed a lot of the plants - last year the fields were all so perfect, with plants the same size!

  8. Loved seeing the lavender gardens you visited, such a favorite of mine. I picked some of mine and started to dry it, I'm just preparing a post for my blog, maybe you might like to pop over later and have a peep.

  9. Love the lavender outfit :) What a gorgeous place to visit and I can't even imagine the scent of so much lavender blooming! I can't wait to see Joe's version of that adorable sign.


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