Monday, May 4, 2015

Beetzza, Fritillaria 'Snake's Head' and Parrot Tulips

We belong to a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture), and they gave us a bunch of organic beets in  November. They have lasted us throughout the winter  and they stored very well. I had just come from the cellar with beets in my hand, and discovered Beetzza on this blog La Table De Nana and the recipe here Chatelaine. For our dinner, we had Beetzza for an appetizer and grilled wild sockeye salmon, I hope you try it, we gave it five stars. Our first al fresco dinner of the year ;o)

All you need is puff pasty, very thinly sliced beets (I roasted first), olive oil, an egg, crumbled feta and fresh basil.

We didn't stop at Beetzza :o)  The following evening, we made this balsamic roasted beets quinoa and kale salad by Donna Hay. I love Donna's cookbooks.  Another keeper.

I planted some lovely Fritillaria 'Snake's Head' 18 years ago, and they are very hardy and require no care. After all these years, I am still fascinated with the snakes-skin markings in shades of purple with a checked pattern. 
Our weather has been warm and dry, and the parrot tulips are putting on quite a show. We planted 100 bulbs in the fall and so glad we did.

I'm joining Foodie Friday at Rattlebridge Farm.
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  1. The beetzza looks so tasty, Debbie, and knowing you gave it a 5-star rating, it must be! I have never seen anything like your unusual with the pretty color and markings. Your row of tulips is sure putting on a show for you to enjoy. All your hard work was worth it. As for your friend, I'm sure she was thrilled with her goodies.
    Enjoy your day!

  2. I can't believe your row of tulips!
    Banner year there nothing yet..
    I have a bit of envy:)

    Lovely! Everything!

  3. I wish my husband shared my love of beets! I have one clump of parrot tulips and each year the deer eat them :( I'm going to move them this year inside the pool fence! Your flowers are just gorgeous!

  4. Hi Debbie, I was forced to eat beets as a kid and I did not like them at all, but your beetzza actually looks delicious! And your tulips are gorgeous. All that hard work in the fall pays off in the spring! Linda

  5. We had some beets in the garden last year and we loved them roasted! They were so delicious.
    Wow, your flowers are stunning! I just love this time of year when the world begins to be filled with flowers again!

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