Saturday, May 9, 2015

Sycamore Hill Gardens Mother's Day Event

Fifteen days without any precipitation here, and very sunshiney days. The parrot tulip bulbs that we planted in the fall were a success. Usually the critters eat our tulip bulbs, but this year we have 100 tulips and they are putting on quite the show this week.  They are great tulips for vases, so I added a few to my basil cuttings that I started from grocery store basil and put in mason jars. You can refer to  this post about using basil cuttings. Thanks for the tip Monique. My garden will be full of beautiful basil plants this summer.

For Mother's Day, I have been invited to Sycamore Hill Gardens for a fundraising event ;o) Can't wait. 
 I'll take lots of photos tomorrow, and show you the private 35 acre garden owned by Karen and George Hanford in the village of Marcellus. A few times each year, the Hanford's graciously open their gardens to the public. Proceeds go to benefit the Baltimore Woods Nature Center, well known for connecting nature and children.

I read that they have planted nearly a half million spring flowering bulbs and thousands of perennial plants, the grounds are graced with over 720 varieties of trees. They have themed gardens, statuary from Italy and the Far East and lovely chimes.
I dug into my archives to share a Mother's Day table that I did two years ago for mom and me :o)
Our picnic basket will be filled with chicken salad sandwiches tomorrow ;-) I am told I don't have to cook. 
Our dogwood trees always bloom on Mother's Day weekend. I just looked outdoors, and we have plenty of blooms. I've always loved the Legend of the Dogwood so I'm sharing it. 
legend of dogwood
Have a beautiful weekend!


  1. I am so glad the Dogwood cannot get big..brought a tear to my eye..
    Thinking of you thei Mother's day..x

    I cannot believe your tulips..what a spectac show.
    The Parrots are something else..
    Your roots are showing! :) I can see them from here..It is working on the purple basil too..will have to find a spot.
    I love that area of blue and white near the birdhouse;)
    Have fun ..

    PS that first pic is dear:)

  2. Your tulips are so beautiful, Debbie. I can relate to the critters getting the bulbs before they get a chance to bloom...I finally gave up trying.
    Happy Mother's Day!

  3. Happy Mothers Day Weekend Debbie! The tulips are beautiful (some critter eats mine) and your lunch tomorrow sounds great, no doubt you'll have a fun time-enjoy:@)

  4. Oh, that sounds like a wonderful event, Debbie! I hope you have a wonderful time and Happy Mother's Day to you. Your tulips and dogwood are beautiful!

  5. Oh Debbie, this was a visually delicious post! The parrot tulips are gorgeous, along with your other tulips, and the photos of the gardens. Enjoy the event today and the beauty of the surroundings. Happy Mother's Day to you!

  6. Happy Mother's Day, Debbie. I know this first one without your mom will be dufficult. They are always with us. Hope you spend some time today with your sons, that's what it is all about!

    1. I am very lucky to be a mom to three sons. We've been celebrating since Friday :-)

  7. Happy Mothers day to you Debbie, I have Mothers day twice as the dates are in March but different Sundays in France with my daughter & Denmark where my son lives.Your parrot tulips are beautiful. I had some for the 1st time this year, I planted them in a basket. I'll certainly get some more in Autumn.

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  9. Love the mix of reds and pinks


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