Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Happy National Bundt Day

Happy National Bundt Day 2015! It will be on November 15th this year. I've made a lemon bundt cake today to share with my blog friends, That's what the day is all about - baking and sharing!

My newest addition is the Bavaria Bundt Pan which was added to my collection last year. 
I love the clean geometric patterns. This cake pan is made by Nordicware from cast aluminum with a nonstick interior coating, allowing for sharp detail and easy release every time. I'm not being paid to say that ;o)
One of my favorite bundt cakes will always be Mom's pistachio cake which I shared with you last year. It's a pretty color green when you cut into the cake. It's on my Christmas menu this year. They make great gifts also.
I am a sucker for this marble cake that I posted here.

I'd love to know if you use bundt pans, and if you have a "few" favorites.
Thank you for stopping by! I'm joining Rattlebridge Farm for Foodie Friday.


  1. I do use them:) I love the shapes..pretty cakes Debbie~

  2. National Bundt Day always seems to sneak up on me, I never know when it is! Your new pan is pretty Debbie. I guess my favorite pan is the Gingerbread House, it's the one I use the most. Enjoy your cake:@)

  3. Your new bundt pan made for such a pretty cake, Debbie. I do have three large bundt pans and one that makes mini bundts, that I seem to use the most. I've been wanting the mini gingerbread houses pan, but haven't succumbed to the temptation yet. I thought they'd be fun to do with my grands and they could each take one home. Did you take your lemon cake into work for all of your coworkers to enjoy?

  4. I love Nordic Ware bundt pans! I added the Bavarian pan this year myself and I have the Heritage pan too. Not sure I need anymore but I'm always tempted :)

  5. You got me hooked however I still struggle with getting them out of the pan!!

  6. Debbie, I like to bake in bundt pans. It seems the easiest way to make a delicious cake. I typically use my classic bundt, but I have a few of the cakelet pans too. I'd like to add the one you show. I've always thought it made a beautiful cake.

  7. Love those bundt pans. They make the prettiest cake. I hope life is treating you well Debbie. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving. xo


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