Saturday, December 12, 2015

Christmas on My Vintage Smokers Stand

My friend Patti showed us how to make gift boxes with flair at her blog Pandora's Box. I could not resist so I ran to the Dollar Store for the clear glass candlesticks and some clear white ribbon. I came home and spray painted the candlesticks with colors that coordinated with the gift boxes. After glueing the gift box to the candlestick, I added a bow and a gift tag. I know my family and co-workers will love the unique way I am presenting their gift.   

I have run out of space in my house and have Christmas gifts stuffed and displayed everywhere. It happens every December. So I'm taking over the vintage smokers stand for the holiday season.

I inherited a copper lined humidor from my grandparent's home and it's a wonderful smoking stand from the turn of the century when the Gentlemen would retire to the Den or parlor after dinner to enjoy their favorite tobacco product! 

We use it as a side table in Joe's man cave, and it's a great place to hide small gifts, provide storage for remotes and other small items.

I hope to complete my Christmas shopping tomorrow. How are you doing?


  1. Very cute, very creative way to do up a gift! What a nice smoke stand...they do make great little side tables.
    Merry Christmas, Debbie!

  2. Ooh I love the smoker stand, Debbie! Yours is such a pretty one, too. My dad had one of those and I always loved that little piece. I think it's still at my mom's, but must be in the basement.
    Your gifts look fabuolus and stunning! I'll have to remember that cute idea. The recipients will be thrilled to receive your gifts, I'm quite sure.
    Happy Sunday to you and Joe! xo

  3. that looks amazing!! What a cool idea!!

  4. Debbie, the smoker's stand is a beauty and certainly makes a great side table. How special to have this heirloom from your grandparents! Patti's idea is clever. Your presentations turned out great.
    I've a few more small things to pick up for the chef's stocking. I'm enjoying the season now relaxing with a cup of coffee, a fire keeping me cozy, and our Christmas tree warming my heart.

  5. I love this idea! What a great treasure too..and pretty pretty tree:)You found beautiful boxes!

  6. What a lovely heirloom piece, Debbie! What a great idea for the gift boxes and you did a great job. Your tree is pretty too ;)

  7. Your boxes are fabulous!! Love your humidor, especially the trims on it!!


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