Saturday, April 2, 2016

Spring! and Wild Garden Snacks

 Spring is here and we are  eager to get outside for activity and sunshine. Joe made his 30 minute shepherd's pie (one of his signature dishes) and I set the table on a beautiful spring day.

The lady bugs are buzzing on the bowls and plates. Our grass will soon be a lush green  just like the stems on the plates. 
See that "real" grass in the little clay pot below?  Each year I grow grass for the Easter baskets. It's so much fun and kids and adults both love it.

We had Wild Garden snacks on a recent American Airlines flight from LaGuardia to Miami and loved them. They are all natural, convenient packs of hummus and crackers that do not require any refrigeration. And gluten free. Wild Garden Mediterranean Foods sent me some snacks to sample, and I truly enjoyed them and would like to share a box. Just leave me a comment, and I'll draw a winner on April 15. I'll also include a beautiful packet of seeds that I found on one of my trips. I am a sucker for cute seed packaging!  
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  1. Shepherd's pie is a favorite in our house...not sure I would let Howard make it, though! Nice presentation, Joe!
    The lady bug dishes are adorable. I have a friend that collects lady bug "things". I will have to email her this post.
    I can't wait until everything is green, once again.
    Have a great up-coming week.

  2. We haven't had Shepard's Pie in a long time Debbie, sounds great! I've already had to mow the lawn here in Philly... Cute setting and the snacks sound good:@)

  3. WE love SP too:)Pretty pretty dishes!!Bon dimanche!

  4. Beautiful table, Debbie! The Shepherd's Pie looks both beautifully presented and delicious. My chef has been making chicken pot pies. I'll have to suggest this. The dishes are adorable with the fresh grass and lady bugs.
    Everything here in Austin is green. And when I say everything, I include cars, sidewalks, roads, terraces, outdoor furniture, . . . the list goes on. If it's outside it is covered in green pollen. '-)
    I just spent an hour or more sweeping up piles of oak squlggles that have fallen. I'll be back out tomorrow doing the same. It's a constant battle during the spring and again in the fall. I love our trees though!

  5. Don't you love it when hubby cooks and you get to set the table?!! I am fortunate to have that scenario quite often. And it looks like you both did a terrific job - yummy shepherd's pie and oh, those ladybug dishes are adorable!

  6. I'll bet Joe's Shepherd's Pie was fabulous! Your table setting is so pretty, Debbie, and I just love those darling ladybug bowls and plates. I'll bet the hummus snack pack is a treat and I like that it doesn't require refrigeration.
    Happy Sunday, my friend! xo

  7. Except for today, we're in another chilly snap so Joe's Shepherds' Pie looks like delicious comfort food. Cute, cute ladybugs. I wish we had them rather than the Asian variety that seem to crawl out of the woodwork when the sun warms the windows in spring!

  8. Gorgeous table setting, so nice of your husband to cook for you!

  9. Gorgeous table setting, so nice of your husband to cook for you!


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