Saturday, May 7, 2016

Happy Mother's Day

Flowers personalize a home. I have always loved Rananculus and our Home Depot had some beautiful, healthy plants so I grabbed a few small pots and put them in a stoutly vase. 

My ultimate hope as a Mom is for the love I have for my family to be remembered!

My family is taking me to dinner on Saturday and to a wonderful garden event on Sunday. My first Mother's Day as a nana ;o)

Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. Happy first one as a nana!
    Home Depot..wish mine carried these!
    Have the stoutly adjective!

  2. I love your pretty Mackenzie-Childs centerpiece and the Rananculus plant is lovely, I too have plants for my centerpiece table.
    Happy Mother's and Grannie's Day to you my friend.

  3. Happy Mothers Day, Debbie! I have always loved ranunculas for the variety of colors they come in...they look right at home in that urn.

  4. A very pretty pic! Enjoy your Mother's Day Debbie, I'm sure it will be extra special:@)

  5. Beautiful, Debbie! Happy Mother's Day - an especially special one for you! Enjoy.

  6. How beautiful Debbie. sounds like your day is going to be fabulous! You deserve it! Enjoy...xo. Happy Mother's Day.

  7. That's the best "ultimate hope", my friend! I wish the same thing for myself. Happy first Mother's Day as Nana to your Xavier. xo

  8. I hope your day has been as lovely as your flowers, Deb.

  9. Such lovely flowers for your MacKenzie Childs, love this. I know you enjoyed your special day.
    Like you, we spent it with our son and family at the beach and it was grand. Happy Mother's Day to you……….


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