Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Traveling Tote - Spring into Summer

Hello on this first day of June!  I'm glad you stopped by for more of Miss Aurora's adventures. 

Recently Miss Aurora received some goodies in the mail from Miss Rosie!  Even a tote can have friends!

Miss Rosie and Linda More Fun Less Laundry knew that I loved anything decadent from Magnolia Bakery in New York City. I also received some goodies from Linda's trip to Cape Cod and Old Sturbridge Village. The heart cookie cutter is stamped with OSV, and Linda watched the tinsmith make it! When I light the berry candles at our next dinner party, I will be reminded that the candles were dipped by hand using an antique candle stand. Thanks Linda!

In February, Miss Aurora and Miss Bella escaped to Key West. There is nothing better than to leave New York on a cold winter day and arrive in tropical Key West. We stay at the Marquesa, and they have the most beautiful orchids everywhere. 
Miss Aurora was happy to get out for some fresh air this spring so we strolled down the Memorial Parkway in Utica, NY. We are a community of rich patriotism. Flags and memorials are scattered throughout our area, and our allegiance to the United States and its history are very strong. Our Memorial Parkway is 5 miles long and due to the high traffic, I've never gotten a good look at the statues. 
The statues I photographed are "The Hiker" which depicts a soldier from the Spanish American War (1898) in one of his long hikes through the jungle. 
The POW/MIA memorial - this statue depicts an American prisoner with his hands bound by chains as he kneels painfully on one knee. It is meant to remind all viewers that there are still prisoners of war and people missing in action from wars past and present.
The Central New York War Memorial - On top of the monument you will see a group of soldiers banded together as they put the American flag into the ground. 
137 years later, Memorial Day remains one of America's most cherished patriotic observances. The spirit of this day has not changed - it remains a day to honor those who died defending our freedom and democracy.
On Mother's Day, we enjoyed a private 35 acre garden in the village of Marcellus. A few times each year, the Hanford family graciously open their gardens to the public with proceeds going to benefit a local non-profit agency. 

My favorite tulips were the dark stemmed beauties, Tulip Couleur Cardinale. I can envision these beauties in my garden next spring and have found a source in CT. 
Miss Aurora has taken several a million trips to visit Xavier, our new grandbaby. The tote is perfect for toting gifts ;-) I should have set him into nana's tote bag for a photo :-)
Xavier was a very happy camper at our camp over Memorial Day Weekend. He's so alert and smart! 

Miss Aurora also transported gifts to the bridal shower for my future daugher-in-law Meshal. 2016 has been a busy and beautiful year so far :-) :-)
I hope you'll come back in September for our next traveling totes adventure.
I am enjoying the friendship with my fellow tote friends. Who would have thought that a tote bag could be our common thread! 

Emily with Miss Courtney Childs @ The French Hutch
Linda with Miss Rosie @ More Fun Less Laundry
Patti with Miss Kenzie and Miss Taylor @ Pandora’s Box
Rita with Miss Luna C Panoply 
Sarah with Miss Merri Mac @ Hyacinths for the Soul

I was invited by Life and Linda to share this at her link party, Dishing It & Digging It. I'll be happy to Linda! 


  1. Debbie, this is a beautiful post filled with a timely tribute with your walk down Memorial Parkway. That is a special park that I would love to see! Your garden tour is equally as touching. So many gorgeous flowers.
    I have to say that being a part of this group is gift enough, but the gift package you and Miss Aurora sent our way touched my heart. We have already tried some of the recipes, but I've saved the cakes for a special dinner. Love, love, love the special cheese board. We've used it too, but it is displayed with some other boards in our kitchen.
    Beyond thrilled that Xavier has joined the family, and now an upcoming wedding too. What excitement in your life. I smiled at the cute photos of Xavier, thinking he might be peeking out of Miss Aurora in the next one. '-)
    Thanks again for sharing this great post and for the very thoughtful gift!

    1. Sarah what a sweet thing to say. Being part of this group is truly a gift, and I always look forward playing with you girls. I'm glad that you and the chef have tried some recipes in the Key West cookbook and that you are loving the cheese board from our talented local potter.

  2. Debbie, what a great post. Your family is beautiful, and I love the name Xavier Joseph! That one photo of Miss Aurora and the tulips looks very cool - like they're planted in the bag. I agree that MC should pay - at least in a little merchandise - for the advertising!

    1. Thank you Rita! We love the name Xavier Joseph also, and after they announced the name at birth I could have squealed. LOL

  3. How sweet is that baby?? OMG, I want to hug and squeeze him!! Lucky Nana! The gardens in Marcellus are beautiful and the Memorial Park looks like a wonderful tribute. Your gifts look wonderful, especially those candles! This is certainly a fun way to share our travels and friendship!

  4. Great post. Those tulips are gorgeous. Your family is darling. Enjoy your day.

    1. Hi Katie! I know you are a friend of Sarah's, and I am so glad you stopped by!

  5. What a colorful and fun post with Miss Aurora ! The gifts from Miss Rosie are perfect for you to enjoy. Little Xavier Joseph is just so darling and I can see why you want to visit your sweet little fella every chance you get. You've had some great visits with Miss Aurora and so much to look forward to with an upcoming wedding. I look forward to visiting more of Miss Aurora's friends. Love and hugs to you!

  6. Hi Debbie, Such a wonderful spring for you. Memorial Parkway must have been heart touching, along with all the spring flowers I know it must be a very special place. Xavier is precious, you must be on cloud nine! And, a wedding in the future! You have so many special occasions gong on in your life, congratulations on all. Love your post, Miss Courtney Childs sends her regards to Miss Aurora……….Great post!

  7. Hi Debbie, I'm glad you enjoyed your package from Miss Rosie! I can see that the most special outings for you and your tote must be to visit your little darling! He is so cute with his bright eyes and tiny clothes. And now more great news of a new DIL! This is a wonderful year for you. I enjoyed the photos of the war memorials. I love stopping in a town park to see what has been built. I'm wondering where you found the tulip bulbs? Is the company in Bantam? That's very close to my childhood hometown and I still visit often. I'll be looking forward to seeing yours bloom next spring. And I agree that there is something wonderful about getting out of the plane in warm tropical air after leaving our cold winter weather behind! Thanks for taking us on your adventures. Linda

    1. You are probably familiar with the company in Bantam. Van Engelen has the best Dutch flower bulbs at the best prices. Sycamore Gardens has been buying their bulbs from them for many years and highly recommends them. We had a mild winter and our tulips did not do well so we dug them up. We'll plant new bulbs in the fall.

      Glad you enjoyed my adventures!

  8. I love Miss A on the staues arm!How darn cute.

    looks like a lovely trip..Xavier is precious and your future DIL is beautiful!
    Happy pretty post.

    1. Like your grandchildren, Xavier is just so precious. A very happy Nana here :-)

  9. You can't beat tulips, bridal showers and a new grandson for a wonderful spring Debbie! Wonderful photos, I love the one of the red bridge-

  10. I love your tote in front of the tulips, Debbie! It should be in the MC catalog. What an exciting year it has been for you and wonderful places you've seen. It will be fun watching our little ones grow ;)

  11. Lovely trip and the tulips are so beautiful. Xavier Joseph is so very sweet! Spoiling time for sure. You future dil is beautiful....How special Debbie. I am thankful you shared this amazing trip. I would love if you share this at our link party, Dishing It & Digging It today at 4:00 EST. xo


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