Tuesday, May 15, 2012


Whew, I'm still thinking about how relaxing my Mother's Day was this year. On Mother's Day, we had lasagna for dinner with two of our sons, and our youngest son is coming home this weekend with his girlfriend.

About 20 years ago, my co-workers introduced me to MacKenzie-Childs in Aurora, NY (Finger Lakes region). Fast forward 20 years, we still work for the same company, and still collect MacKenzie-Childs. 

This striking urn from Mackenzie-Childs was one of my Mother's Day gifts this year - the Cheltenham Thistle Urn. 

In the MacKenzie-Childs retail store, this hutch was filled with dishes in my favorite pattern - Courtly Check.

A tablescape using wire bird cages. I would love those polka dotted chargers!

During one of my visits, I fell in love with this pom pom tablecloth. 

Joe added these to his collection. He thought they were cute enough to put away for grandchildren (some day). He loved the Courtly Check scarf on the snow man.

 I'm looking forward to this year's barn sale at MacKenzie-Childs in Aurora, which is usually in July, and we can get items at a discount of 50% or more. They usually have three tents filled with Furniture, Lighting, Rugs, Ceramics, Garden, Accessories, Fabric, Trim and Knobs.  We had a blast at the 2009 barn sale and we've attended ever since.

I'm joining Let's Dish.
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Debbie@Mountain Breaths
Debbie@Mountain Breaths

Hello, I'm Debbie.I enjoy hiking, kayaking, cross country skiing and snowshoeing in the Adirondack Mountains (thus Mountain Breaths). I live in Upstate NY with my supportive husband and have three precious sons..


  1. Just saw your post at Bunny Jean's. What a fun collection, Debbie! Thanks for sharing the photos and your hubby's collection for the "someday" grands.

  2. So happy Joe was able to get the urn for you (where?) Have you seen the polka dot chargers at Hobby Lobby? They are not shimmery (mother of pearl) like M-C, but they are polkas! Your flowers look so lovely!!

    1. Patti, he found one at the store in New York City and they only had one. They are on back order for who knows how long. I'm going to check out the polka dot chargers at Hobby Lobby! Thanks :-)

  3. Oh, my Lord! I love this. I adore the MacKenzie-Childs pieces but could never afford any! :)
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  4. Hi Debbie!

    I must say that you are one lucky lady to get that beautiful vase for Mother's Day! I recently spent the afternoon drooling over every page of the MC website. I also looked at the link to see some of your other goodies... wow!

    Thanks for your comment about my DH... he has done project start ups throughout the world so we are used to time apart, but it is never easy.

    Thanks for joining in on my party :)

    xoxo Bunny Jean

  5. Debbie, you know I enjoyed this post with images from our favorite store.
    It's always a treat to see how they set a table because they are always so creative. What a wonderful Mother's Day gift. I was just admiring the Cheltenham thistle vase that is featured on the early summer catalog. It's gorgeous! Congratulations to Joe on the recent honor.

  6. You are so lucky to be able to go to their barn sale. I know you just have a blast there. I would probably just faint and fall over at the wonderful prices.
    Just keep an eye out for those polka dot charger...aren't they wonderful.!!
    xo, bj

  7. Congrats to Joe, very well-deserved honor! Love all the M-C and I'm looking forward to your visit there in July. I always enjoy your shopping trip posts :)

  8. Lucky you.. Your sweet urn is lovely, omg, that is a perfect piece for so many things. Congrats to your husband. How rewarding that is! Maybe the chargers will be in the barn sale... hoping so for you.. xo marlis

  9. You totally deserve that pom pom tablecloth, Debbie!! So glad your Mother's Day was so very relaxing....

  10. Love them all! thanks for sharing Joann

  11. Congratulations to your hubby, Debbie!
    Wonderful Mackenzie-Childs! I love it. I don't have a single piece of MC. Perhaps I should do something about that.

  12. So very beautiful!! Thank You for sharing and have a wonderful evening!

    Aledia @ Plum Perfect

  13. your new urn is lovely. Thanks for sharing pictures of the M-C line. Very interesting. Congrats to your Hubby. That's quite an honor!

  14. That is a very wonderful honor for Joe. Your urn is wonderful.

  15. Congratulations to your husband, first on the great honor, and for choosing such a great gift for you!

  16. Beautiful urn!! I loved all the MC itemd, specially that round table, as I love back and white. Many congrats to your husband Debbie, what an honor!! Thank you for your prayers and lovely comments. Luv ya!

  17. Oh I love the pom pom table too! The courtly check is so handsome and festive~ and what a gorgeous urn! Enjoy :)

  18. That table is so over the top! I love their stuff, but not their price tags. Your vase is lovely. Looks like an amazing store.

    Congrats to your hubby. That is quite an honor. My brother went to Clarkson. I've been there many times!

    - The Tablescaper

  19. Congrats to your husband. Teacher's can really make a difference in their student's lives. I love anthing black and white and the checks go with everything!

    Robin Flies South

  20. Of course you know I love this post :) I would be in heaven to visit one of those barn sales...and a lot poorer afterward!

  21. Joe sounds like a wonderful teacher...what an honor to have one of your former students nominate him for such a prestigious award.
    Wow to the MC store!

  22. Congratulations to Joe... and all of you! YOu must be bursting-at-the-seams proud!
    Thanks for the fun trip to MC and a chance to look at all the whimsical beauty there!
    The vase is adorable! What a great shape and pattern and even more special because it was a sweet gift!

  23. First, congrats to Joe, wonderful honor.
    I love the tour of MC, that tablecloth is great! Bet you or your sis could make one!
    MC in Southampton told me it was against store policy to let people take pics in the store. Maybe I shouldn't have asked, but the place is no bigger than a walk in closet! :)
    I guess they should get their policy straight. She did tell me I could take pics from the sidewalk of the window. Big of her since my taxes pay for the sidewalk!

  24. McKenzie Childs pieces are so much fun. Their whimsy always brings a smile. Love the birdcage touch on this table.

  25. Congratulations to you all...you must be very proud Debbie,
    I can imagine you when you see all the McKenzie Childs wares...do you hyperventilate as I often do when I enter into my perfect shopping world!
    There's so much to take in on your photos I'm going to have to go back to snoop more.
    Thanks for sharing :D
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  26. .Hi lovely lady.
    Congratulatios to Joe wonderful honor~~~ Your tablescape is so Beautiful for this happy day.. I also hope you had a wonderful Mothers Day with your family this past Sunday. Thanks so much for your sweet comments on my new Nautical Tablescape.
    XXOO Diane

  27. Very pretty! I have never been in a McKenzie Childs retail store. I would love to visit one in person one day. Thank you so much for sharing this with us so we can visit it with you. Love it!

  28. How wonderful to have an educator get the praise they deserve! You must be very proud of him. The MC items are always fun to see. I especially like that pom pom tablecloth, too! I just bought some pom pom placemats and can't wait to use them! Thanks for sharing!

  29. I love our MacKenzie-Childs store, too. It's always fascinating. That barn sale might be worth a road trip to Aurora....of course gas prices would eat up all the savings on the goodies I bought. Oh well....Thanks for inviting us for a peak. Cherry Kay

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