Wednesday, July 18, 2018

MacKenzie-Childs Barn Sale 2018 - The Haul

A quick post to show you "the haul" before I head to work.  I was very disciplined, and only bought items I would be using on a regular basis. In the photo above, I love the two round vases for everyday flowers from the garden. The size is perfect, and two is better than one. The wine chiller will be used next weekend for Joe's retirement party I am hosting for family at my camp. A little MKC in the woods is a nice touch. The ribbon is always a must, and the little hook will be used to hold my sun hat and a tote bag once Joe finishes painting our entry way. And who doesn't need an insulated winner carrier, and only $10 at the barn sale. I bought a few for gifts as well.  The picture frame will be used for a photo from our Northern Italy trip in September. 

 Barn Sale treasures and meeting people that have love and passion for MKC is always the highlight of the MacKenzie-Childs Barn Sale. Some of my blog friends have expressed interest in attending in 2019, and I sure hope they do. How long was the line this year? I went on Thursday, arrived at 2 pm and waited for one hour and 10 minutes. We were checked out quickly, just in time for dinner at the Aurora Inn with Sarah and our friend Tami who drove two hours just to meet Sarah and me. 

Love my new vases!

Waiting in a long line was made much more pleasant by Theresa who Joe and I both hit it
off with. Of all the barn sales I have attended, Theresa was our best "line buddy" ever. We hope to keep in touch. 
While I was standing in line, Colleen from the Finger Lakes recognized me from Instagram and introduced herself. Loved meeting Colleen, and we are looking forward to next year's barn sale. 
The furniture tent was about the only quiet area at the barn sale so we decided to relax for a few minutes and someone offered to take our photo. The sunflower chairs are adorable.
Each barn sale, Joe asks me to stand by the pond for the requisite photo after we check out
Another required photo in the frame :-) The MKC photographers are awesome. 
Did I tell you that Sarah came all the way from Austin, TX to the barn sale?
 These fun ladies from down South (I think) were relaxing in the courtyard after the sale, so I plopped down next to them.
Relaxing after dinner with sweet Sarah.
Last year I met the fun (and famous) N'Awlins ladies (Cynthia and her two daughters), and I asked them to give me just some of their stamina. They attend the barn sale all four days, and shop till they drop. They also camped out in their Mardis Gras tent on Wednesday evening so they could get into the barn early on Thursday morning. They were numbers 32-34 (or something like that). Very lovely ladies, and I enjoyed chatting with them again this year. 
A view of Cayuga Lake taken from the E. B. Morgan House.
I met Janice from the blog Figs and Twigs, and we know each other from her floral business in California on Instagram. She is a doll and it was wonderful meeting her. She certainly makes us smile with her beautiful photos. 
Joe at the E.B. Morgan House.

Another fun and memorable Barn Sale! Until next year! Thanks for stopping by!

Sunday, July 15, 2018

July and My New Memo Vase

I am really, really happy and excited to be testing the "MemoVase". When I received my free sample, it was the week before I was hosting a "Forest" themed birthday celebration for my friend Paula.  It was so much fun to use, and the ladies kept writing different messages on it all weekend. 

The vase is made from white ceramics and measures about 8" in height. The whiteboard can be used with any standard whiteboard marker and erased with a dry paper towel.

I have included a link so my readers can find out a little bit more about the manufacturer:

I'm also including a link to the Amazon product page. It's very reasonably priced and can be used for many occasions.

We celebrated Paula's birthday at my camp in the Adirondack Mountains of  New York. We explored the pristine and relatively undeveloped environment of Raquette Lake aboard the W.W. Durant with Captain Dean Pohl. A historic commentary explained that Raquette Lake was the playground for millionaires during the Gilded Age and home to wilderness retreats built for JP Morgan, Alfred Vanderbilt, the Carnegies and other prestigious families. In fact, the word "vacation" was coined during this era: the wealthy "vacated" their homes in the hot, dirty city for the cooler, salubrious air of the mountains. 

Thank you for stopping by!

Sunday, July 8, 2018

MacKenzie-Childs Barn Sale Bound and July Happenings

 A selfie that I submitted on Instagram holding my favorite vase for the "Skip the Line" contest. If you don't play, you can't win! We had a blast meeting the challenges, and seven lucky winners will be announced on Monday. 
 Looking forward to spending time with this fun woman from Austin. It will be Sarah's first barn sale! I bet most of you already know her.
 Looking forward to spending time with my friend Patti and she painted these fun sneakers for the barn sale.  "If it can be painted, it can be painted in Pandora Checks" 

Barn Sale treasures and meeting new friends is the highlight of the MacKenzie-Childs Barn Sale. The best way to describe the barn sale is that you are at a conference with thousands of people who enjoy what you enjoy. It's a happy place, crowded yes, but everyone is polite. Last year I went on the first day {Thursday}, arrived at 2 pm and only waited for one hour. We were checked out by 5:30 pm just in time for dinner at the Aurora Inn. 

 So this happened on the Fourth of July, and it was decided that the annual strawberry pie should be made.  

We whipped up some summer beverages and enjoyed cheese and crackers on the deck on a beautiful evening. 

"The fun begins the moment you step foot on the farm!" #MCBarnSale2018

Thanks so much for stopping by!

Thursday, June 14, 2018

June's Beautiful Colors

The lake at our camp

Lupines along the highway at our camp, and I enjoy the blooms every year. 

Every June, we spend many hours outdoors and call them "alfesco moments". Lately we have been listening to a songster that sings from dusk to dawn. 
For you bird lovers, I am referring to the Wren. After pairing with a mate, the male takes the female to each of the nesting sites he has begun building. The female selects the one she likes and begins to fill the nest completely with more twigs. Then she makes a small depression at the back of the cavity which she lines with pine needles and grass for egg laying. Interesting to note, spider egg sacs are part of the make up of nest building. It's thought that they use the spider egg sacs to help control mites in the nest. The spiders hatch and eat the mites. 
This is entertainment for us a couple evenings a week when we are home. We hang out at the patio table until "blue hour" which seems to be around 9:00 p.m. lately. Cheap entertainment for us after the stress we endure with our jobs.

As you can see, I am easily entertained in my own backyard. And very grateful for that. 


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