Sunday, March 11, 2012


Why should you never iron a 4-leaf clover? Because you wouldn't want to press your luck!! 

I'm not even a wee bit Irish, but Joe is 1/4, so we are happy to celebrate St. Patrick's Day by bringing out the green. 

We were recently in Lake Placid, and I was sneaking around one of the stores with my iPhone taking pictures of the Irish "Annalee" dolls, dogs and mice.

A young adult in the 1930's, Annalee created dolls, unaware this hobby would become her life's calling. Annalee transformed a chicken coop into a design room, and painted her smile onto dolls. She sold her dolls though craft outlets in New Hampshire and Massachusetts, and then her hobby transformed itself into a business. Seventy-five years later, the business is still operating out of that chicken coop. How cool is that!

"Lucky To Be Friends" is one of my favorites.

"The Chef" would be nice on display in the kitchen.

"Smiley Shamrock Mouse"

This one reminds me of Cuisine Kathleen who is hosting her fourth annual Blog Crawl for St. Patrick's Day! Click here to go to Kathleen's blog to get your memo.

This non-Irish gal did a little Googling about St. Patrick's Day for you ;o)

Did you know that in Great Britain, the Queen Mother used to present bowls of shamrock flown over from Ireland to members of the Irish Guards, a regiment in the British Army consisting primarily of soldiers from both Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland? The Irish Guards still wear a shamrock on this day, flown in from Ireland.

You probably know that Chicago dyes its river green and has done so since 1962 when sewer workers used green dye to check for sewer discharges and had the idea to turn the river green for St. Patrick's Day.

Close to my home, in the city of Syracuse, NY, Saint Patrick's celebrations are traditionally begun with the delivery of green beer to Coleman's Irish Pub on the first Sunday of March. Coleman's is located in the Tipperary Hill section of the city. Tipperary Hill is home to the World famous "Green-on-Top" Traffic Light and is historically the Irish section in Syracuse. Saint Patrick's Day is rung in at midnight with the painting of a Shamrock under the Green-Over-Red traffic light.

Did you know that Montreal's flag has a shamrock in one of it's corners? Good, you knew that.

Did you know that according to legend, St. Patrick used the shamrock (a three leaved plant), to explain the Holy Trinity to the pre-Christian Irish people?

Let's get the celebration started. I pulled out all the green items I could find, including my favorite decoration. 
A St. Paddy's snow globe that features our boxer - Kiki. 

The dining room table has been set for a gathering with friends. Each year, I make rye bread from the Artisan Bread in 5  cookbook, and invite friends over for Reubens.

 Our menu was corned beef reubens, bloody mary's, potato salad, dill pickles and chocolate cream pie for dessert.

With this post, I am joining Seasonal Sunday and Cuisine Kathleen's Blog Crawl.
Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Debbie@Mountain Breaths
Debbie@Mountain Breaths

Hello, I'm Debbie.I enjoy hiking, kayaking, cross country skiing and snowshoeing in the Adirondack Mountains (thus Mountain Breaths). I live in Upstate NY with my supportive husband and have three precious sons..


  1. Love the Kiki globe :) Such pretty dolls. Very festive, Debbie!

  2. I only have one Annalee doll but I love it. The "Kiki" globe it is just too cute! There were quite a few of your tidbitd I didn't know, Thanks for the history lesson!

  3. I love these dollies. My MIL collects them but no St. Patrick's Ones. These are darling.

  4. Debbie, your post is full of inspiration. Such cute pieces and your table is gorgeous. Love cabbage leaf dishes. I used mine for St. Patrick's Day last year, so this year I've pulled in checks and stripes to honor the green. Your ahead of me! ~ Sarah

  5. Wonderful, interesting post, Debbie! I loved reading the background on Annalee! I never knew how the business started.

  6. Any chance you'll be at Coleman's on Sat? I will be there at noon - at the table overlooking the painted shamrock! And I will be making Colcannon and Corned Beef for dinner!

    1. I knew you must be Irish Patti! I've been to Coleman's several times, but this year we're celebrating here in Utica ;o) I can't wait to hear about all the fun I will be missing!

  7. Debbie. this is a great post.. Loved all the information. We used to travel a lot when we were younger (ooh now that sounds old)and were lucky enough to spend St. Paddy's in so many fun places in the NE. not much happens here on the 17th.. not many Irish.. sigh.. We are having corned beef and cabbage! thanks so much for dropping by and leaving your kind comments.. xo marlis

  8. Debbie, what an educational post this was. Loved learning some new Irish facts (especially about not ironing a shamrock! LOL) Your St. Patrick's table looks so pretty, and I LOVE your snow globe. I have never seen even one Annalee St. Pat's dolls. All of them are so cute. laurie

  9. Your table is beautiful! Annalee is truly a story of following your dream:@)

  10. I enjoyed all the info--did not know about the shamrock in the flag! And I am glad to hear someone else sneaks around in stores with an iPhone--I love doing that! Linda

  11. How wonderful all your greens are! I love your St. Patty's leprechauns and all the information, as I didn't know about the Shemrock in the flag, wow! I am from Astoria-Queens, NY, so when I was growing up my neighborhood was I learned from the both worlds and my first boyfriend at 14 was an Irish boy named Tommy Hayes, lol! So in school everyone that was Irish carried a button saying: "KISS ME I'M IRISH". Your table is gorgeous, I love the cabbage bowls and the menu sounds very yummy! Thank you for your lovely and kind visit. A big kiss for you lad,

  12. Love all your St. Paddy cuties! xo

  13. Those Annalee's are so cute! Your table is lovely, I would love a collection of the cabbage plates, so pretty!
    Thannks so much for joining in the fun, you certainly did a fine job, and I loved your joke! Reminds me of why I never want to be cremated...I don't want to make an ash out of myself! :)

  14. I've never seen Annalee dogs before~ just the mice :) Love your cabbage plates!

  15. I'll never press my luck again!!

  16. Hi Debbie,

    Thank you for leaving a comment on my Ireland post; I really appreciate your visit. :)

    I just love these Annalee dolls. I've been eying them at our HomeGoods store for the last two years. I really should get one before they stop carrying them. They usually have lots of Irish ones, and they are so cute.

    Your table looks wonderful -- just right for an Irish celebration. Thanks for sharing and Happy St. Paddy's Day to you!!


  17. Debbie, this is a very interesting and informative post. I didn't know about the dolls but they are very cute. Enjoyed learning their origin. Your table looks very pretty and festive. I love the cabbage dishes. I have never decorated for Saint Patrick's Day before but because of blogging I have gotten into it and have had fun doing so this year. Happy Saint Patrick's Day to you and your family!-------- Shannon

  18. I really loved seeing all these cute GREENS...
    your menu sounds sooo good. I LOVE Reubens.

  19. Wonderful post!I love Annalee dolls .I have a few of My own and never looked up the story.Wonderful to know.Happy St. Patty's day to you

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